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Mass Effect 4 - What I want to see.

First of all, cant belive this has been idle for a year now!  Guess it just got easier to use facebook to rant instead.

Anyway, im posting this here, as it would be far too long for twitter.  Casey Hudson, of Bioware put out a message about seeing what fans would like to see in a new mass effect.  There are quite a few things i'd like to see changed/added in, that I thought i'd revive my account to write them down.

Combat Roles
IMO, I think ME3 got the combat down to a tee, it felt really responsive, and was always great to take part in.  The only issue I had comes down a little more to the character classes.  I'd like to see the roles made a little more open, especially for the likes of a biotic character, i'd prefere to choose between more primary roles (The adept, soldier and engineer) and then give the characters access to a larger amount of abilities based around that character type (Giving biotics much more access to to their abilities, rather then being locked out of some.  (Adepts for example, have a wide range of abilities, but are locked out from some, such as Nova or Pyro Blast)

It would allow for more freedom towards have a more unique character, rather then being limited to just 6-8 fixed abilities.  For Biotics and techs, this would already be easy, I suppose its just finding a nice range of abilities for a pure soldier type.

New Forms of Combat
Something that I enjoyed watching in the ME trilogy was the space battles, seeing some of the epic dog-fights between spaceships was great to watch, but I would love to actually take control of a ship in the middle of space, taking on a raiding ship, or even joining a fleet as it takes on an opposing force, would love to see how you guys  would do this.

I missed being able to explore planets im ME3, it was reduced between ME1 and ME2, but it was still a nice way to discover bonus missions and side-quests.  I want to see more stuff that 'off the beaten track', stuff that isnt part of the story, but offers a rewarding experience for finding and completeing it.

I wouldnt mind going back to ME1 in some ways, such as being able to upgrade your whole parties equipment.  Both 2 and 3 lost this feature, in place of just being able to change Shepards armour, but aside from a few minor boosts, it was pretty much a visual change.  even if it was just something like being able to improve the tech and parts of the armour, rather then outright changing the whole suit, i'd like to be able to adapt their gear.

Thats pretty much all I can think of at the moment, Im not going to try and choose a story for the game, or the setting, but those are some things i'd just enjoy seeing.

Life Update - October/November
Going to have a major life info-dump here, had a month of where every week, I had something going on, so it’s time for a big recap.

20th October – Charlie Simpson Gig
Went to my first gig in just about forever.  Hell, last (and first) band I saw live happens to be Fightstar, so seeing as it was their lead singer, Charlie Simpson, doing some solo work, it was a good way to get myself back into the scene.
The venue was pretty nice.  The Slade Room, in Wolverhampton.  Looks like an emptied out pub more than anything.  But there was a good amount of space, and drinks weren’t that pricy, especially compared to the O2 arena.

The warm-up acts were pretty good.  I particularly enjoyed Dave McPhearson, who did a number of fun songs, including a hilarious cover of ‘Boom, Shake the Room’, mainly made hilarious by the ineptitude of the audience to join in.
Charlie Simpsons stuff was great too.  Went through the entire ‘Young Pilgrim’ album, and even threw in a cover of ‘Died in your Arms’.  Was all fun, but I had to miss the encore, due to having to catch a bus back home (Was 10:30 when I left, close to 12 when I got home)

While I was there, picked up Dave McPhearsons album, and a Young Pilgrim t-shirt, which some may have seen me wearing on the Saturday of the expo.  Was a great night out, and despite being a large crowd, wasn’t too difficult to get around.

27th October – Craig Campbell Stand-up Tour
Was looking forward to this as a nice way to unwind before the expo, and wasn’t disappointed.  Was back in the Slade Rooms again, where they had laid out seats and such for everybody.  The place wasn’t all that busy this time round, so I was able to sneak myself onto the front row.  (Woo!)

It’s hard to describe Craig’s stuff if you haven’t seen him before.  He’s originally Canadian but moved to the UK, and likes to talk about the differences he’s discovered while living over here, the different ways people act or thing that are done differently.  Particularly likes joking about how reserved we usually are.

It was pretty fun, and he even came out after the show to sign autographs for free, which is always nice, especially as he would take the time to talk to people as he signed photos and posed for pictures.  Be interesting to see him if he manages to become more mainstream.

28th – 30th October – London Expo
Having a different experience with expo this time.  Generally gone as a patron, or observer, but this time I was going to be helping out.  Joining Granny Gertrude and Illapa to help with the Cosplay Desk and the Euro Cosplay itself.

The experience was pretty interesting.  I certainly understand just how much work goes into planning and setting up for the weekend, and just how hectic it can be.  Can be worth it though when you get to see so many amazing costumes up close, and hang out/chat with a number of cosplayers.  Would definitely help out again next year if allowed, and if I’m down there for the event.
Though I was left red-faced helping out on Saturdays mini-masquerade, they had a Scanty and Kneesocks cosplay pair come on, and as I was the one helping people on and off stage, I was desperately trying not to ogle them, though I think Gunstar Vixen noticed this from her jokey comment when helping them back down.

Didn’t pick up all that much stuff.  Apart from a handful of DVDs and Manga, the only notable thing I picked up was quite a lovely canvas print.  One that as it happens, I saw a few months ago when I was previously in London, but as I was going by on a bus.  So seeing the same image at the expo was a surprise!

Crowds were a little better this year.  There was still a huge bottle-neck around the entrance, but it felt much easier to walk around the place.  I think the space was spot on for next year.  Only real issue came from the distance of the hotel, and the whole kerfuffle with my suitcase on Friday night/Saturday morning.  Plus there were some people I had hoped to meet up with, but nothing ever happened there.

5th November – Distant Worlds Concert
What started off as a bad day turned into a wonderful night.  Didn’t have to worry about getting into London till around 3-4pm, so I had booked my tickets for later in the day.  Only to get to my station, and be told I would no longer be travelling via virgin, but instead on the, slower than hell, London-Midland service.
Should have been in London for 3:30pm, but didn’t arrive until around 5pm… Only benefit was that I arrived right by where my hotel was…

So after that, and rushing to the Royal Albert Hall, There was time to meet up with Granny Gertrude and Ailsa Chan for a bit to have a meal before the show.  I was really impressed with the building, it looks nice on the outside, but when you get in, the size surprises you.  It doesn’t seem all that big from the outside, but from the inside it’s an amazing piece of work and just looks enormous.

The concert itself was amazing.  From start to finish, I was enjoying the pieces they selected, even felt some tears welling up during a couple of songs.  All the songs they played were performed brilliantly, and no-one seemed to mind if there were any troubles with certain sections, such as the Pipe-Organ solo in ‘Dancing Mad’, where the player had a little trouble with what sounded like quite a fiddly section of the song.
Was so pleased that they announced a return next-year, will certainly be booking tickets again for that!

11th – 13th November – Birthday Get-together
Had been planning this for a while, organised a little get-together with some of my first friends among the expo/con community.
Friday didn’t go all to plan.  While only one person was coming that day, that wasn’t so much of an issue.  The real problem came from falling ill the day before.  Went to work thinking I was ok, but ended up being sent home to rest up.  I just felt so drained, sat down after getting home and just didn’t want to move at all.  Fortunately, after some rest, and various meds, I felt well enough to get moving.
Met up with Melissa Smith in Birmingham, but we only stayed briefly, as she wasn’t too well either.  So it was back home, cooking something for tea (and burning my hand in the process) before letting Mel try her hand at the new Batman game as we chatted away till we called it a night.

Saturday was a late start, spent extra time getting ready in the morning, partially because we wouldn’t be meeting the others until mid-day, and partly because I woke up at 6…
Met up with Amy, Ashe and Mike, then went straight off to my local pub, while we waited for the other to arrive, and looked on in admiration as Mike almost consumed a whole bucket of meat…
After Tom, Faye and Ed arrived, it was time for what I had been looking forward too, laserquest!  Which was both fun and exhausting at the same time.  Got in there expecting the place to be big already, but it was on multiple levels!  15 minutes almost felt torturous, but we managed, and I bagged 1st place!
We played a couple more games there, another free-for-all, then an excellent team match where we suddenly going round as a little squad, thinking we were proper soldiers!  (We lost)
Was back to mine after, but we had been left too exhausted to do anything so we all just sat around and had a chat, while watching Merlin of all things (Never watched it before, but everyone was roped into watching it, and actually enjoyed it) most we did was order a copious amount of pizza for dirt-cheap prices before settling down for a bit of Rock Band, which was ace to finally play it with some friends.

Sunday was fairly quiet.  Cooked copious amounts of bacon for everyone before heading into Birmingham to slowly see people off.  Having a couple of drinks with Amy at the end of it all.

Was nice time.  I’ve always gone over to other people’s places for get-togethers, so it was nice to let them come to mine for a change.  Would hope to do this again sometime, perhaps have a trip somewhere too.

13th November – Evanesence Gig
This was going to be good, I just knew it was.  Didn’t bother going home after seeing my friends off, just booked into my hotel freshened up and made my way over, blagging my way through the smaller ‘expensive’ tickets queue to get into the standard area (apparently, ‘stalls’ and ‘standing’ are the same thing)

The first warm-up band were just finishing by the time I was in, so I had no idea what they were like.  But soon afterwards, ‘The Pretty Reckless’ came on stage, and were a pretty fun band to listen to, though I had trouble figuring out if the singer was male or female at first, not helped that her first song was sung with an Axel Rose style voice.  Enjoyed their set though, which included a cover of ‘Seven Nation Army’.

Was left a little annoyed though, about halfway through their set, this couple take a place right new to me at the bar, order just a single drink each.  Then suddenly, during after the band finished, they started to shuffle towards the exit.  Turns out in the space of 10-15 minutes, they had had a single drink and she had thrown up all down the side of the bar.  Luckily I didn’t get anything on me, but had to find a new location to watch the stage from due to the smell.

Evanesence got on stage around 9, and they didn’t disappoint.  Breaking straight out with ‘What you Want’, before heading straight into ‘Going Under’, they continually went back and forth between material from the new album and the older stuff, even getting out a grand piano for Amy Lee to play on half-way through the set, before finishing off with ‘Bring me to Life’. 
But it didn’t end there.  It was 10pm, the crowd was still wild, calling out for the band, and they rewarded us with a 20 minute encore, finally finishing on ‘My immortal’ to which almost every single member of the audience sang along too.
Was a great night, despite the vomit woman, and the usual O2 issue of over-crowding (seriously, you cannot move on the main floor)  Even bought myself a new hoody from the merch-booth.

Despite my small number of music gigs, this may well have been my favourite band performance.


Well, that’s that.  About a month of my life other almost 4 pages in word, during the space of 3 hours over work.  Now to find something to do between now and the new year!

Writer's Block: Killer Queen
What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
My favourite Queen song.

I would actually skip the more common answers, and pick 'Innuendo'.  Its an interesting mix of styles, but I absolutely love the guitar work in this, which really grabbed my attention.

While alot of their other songs are popular for various reasons, with either their music videos, or the feel good vibes, this one is my fave, as it is what peaked my interest in music, and how differant a single type of instrument can sound.

Journal Revival: Part 2 - Ayacon!

Right, yesterday was a bit of a moaning mertyle, but today, its onto (mostly) good news today!  Its my ayacon mini-review!

Was a damn good weekend at Aya, pretty much enjoyed the whole weekend, with only some minor gripes.

+ Super quick registration at both the con and the hotel
+ Seeing the university without all the construction work going on
+ Finding out the dirty duck would be open all weekend
+ Chatting with friendly bar staff, who were really enjoying seeing everyone in costume.

+ Moleys way of being able to rant in his own panal, yet always keep your interest when he goes off on a tangent
+ Andys panal giving alot of interesting information that could help with both costumes and regular outfits
+ Getting a pic of an outlaw star group (Without obviously oggling the Aisha cosplayer!)
- My own panal getting delayed by 10 minutes
+ Getting a decent turn-out for the panal, and some good interaction with the audience (Dont think I heard any heckling, which was a plus!)
+Loads of great costumes in the masquerade
- Being sat infront of 2 twunts who moaned whenever they saw a final fantasy cosplayer in the masquerade
+Some great food from the dirty duck.
+ The interesting mix of songs in the japanese dub section of the party.  And having a laugh figuring out what each song was.

+ Much more relaxed morning, not having to carry round my laptop, or items that I was selling to particular people.
+ The classic anime panal, which revealed some old shows even I didnt know about.
+ Seeing Tom and Rich's presentation on their experience during the japan crisis.  Interesting to hear what it was like from that side, rathern then just what we saw on the news.
+ The great quality of acts at Sunday Night live
- Not getting a couple of the acts
+ Scowneys Kitacon 4 advert
- Dirty Duck not serving food after SNL
- Roots buildings slim food portions
- Some of the general public in the roots bar getting a little too rawdy for my liking, especially one I passed as I left the bathroom, who seemed drunk enough to start something.

+ Costcutters was great all weekend.  Never had a time that I walked in and couldnt get something I needed.
+ Plenty of great costumes throughout the weekend.
- Not taking many pictures
+ Staying off site, despite not staying till the ends of the party was much more relaxing for me on a night.  Got plenty of sleep each night
+ Staying off site and in the city centre meant I was home in less then an hour after leaving the hotel.  And that included walking to the station AND having a quick look in the shops!
+ Raise your Glass! music video.  Cant remember what night this was, but it was great to see it on the big screen.  Great video.

Really enjoyed this Aya, and I cant wait to come back in 2013.  Looking forward to trying to run the quiz again at another con.  It was a good learning experience, and can see some room for improvment, and some rounds that be exchanged for others.
(Though hopefully next time, I wont be given what is essentially the graveyard shift, when so many people are prepping for the masquerade)

Journal Revival: Part 1 - Ranting
Right, havent touched this in some time, and unfortunately its being revived with a negative post.

Familiar topic right now.  My workplace...

Things had managed to calm down considerably since my last post.  So much so that my urge to look for a new job had been nulled to some degree.  But the past few days, after coming in from a 2-week break, and done nothing to rekindle the good feelings I was starting to have.

First Annoyance
Before I left I'd been asked to prep a few laptops to be sent off for repairs, including a pair that had been damaged before the first week was even over (Almost 3 months now!) and the general idea was to send them back to the manufacturer, rather then our supplier.
So ive filled in the details, but of course, by the time everythings gone through, and they have confirmed they will look at the laptops, all in the time im away, so they have no-one to contact about them.

Now, after they have sent an invoice ahead of time just to look at the machines, my boss has suddenly realised that our supplier deal directly with the manufacturers.  And in e-mails to his boss, he's saying the whole idea to send them off to the manufacturer was all my own idea, despite the fact that he asked me to do it...

Second Annoyance
My working hours are 8 to 4.  Sometimes i'll work a little late to finish a job off, which is fine.  But if I start early, say 7:50am.  I still have to work until 4pm.  Because apparantly, our 'flexable hours' that we were tupe'd over with from the old site, doesnt work like that any more.  If I so much as start to pack up, even at 3:55, my boss will have a little moan.

At the same time, he has now decided that he wants me to come in at 6am this friday to test some software for a conference next week, despite his 'you dont start work till 8' policy.  And I bet that despite asking me to come in early, I'd still be expected to work until the end of the day.

Even better, he didnt even give me the choice.  He asked me to consider doing it, but then I find an e-mail to the person we will be calling, to say that I have volounteered to be the one who 'gets up early' to get this done.
Better still, the building doesnt open until 7, and they havent bothered to check with the site manager if they can get someone to open up the site early, the the test may not even happen anyway.

Third Annoyance
We had a pair of trainees arrive yesterday.  They are good lads, dont get me wrong, but my boss thought it would be a good idea to put me in charge of them while he swans off and does his own 'work' (Read e-mails all day)

Chatting to them, and showing them around, I can do, but I was then expected to show them the ropes to get them to help with some work, which BTW,  I had only been shown how to do that very morning.  Ive only been given a brief idea of what needs to be done, yet im expected to teach these guys how to do it, and make sure they are doing it properly, when I dont even know if im doing it properly myself.

And because he decided to dissapear somewhere, I was then left to watch over them until he got back, at 4:30... And even then I tried to take a swipe at me for leaving, despite the fact he had essentially made me work later then normal.

Fourth Annoyance (Last one)
With all this stuff thats already on my to-do list, you would think the boss would leave me to get these things done.

But nope, despite having a room full of technicians, it still falls on me to do all these stupid little extra jobs he can find.  Especially if it happens to be grunt work (Lifting & carrying, setting up computers and/or cabling)
Obviously, because I dont have as much training as others, training they wont even be providing, if just a fall guy who just seems to get lumped with the hard, non-technical work...

Will hopfully have a more positive entry tomorrow.  Should be, as i'll be doing my kitacon review.
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Work Woes

Well, im almost at the end of my 3rd week at the new school, and things have steadily gone from bad to worse.

First week was something of a mad rush to get things working.  As the company who had been sorting out the new laptops for the staff had fucked them up.  Seems missing all but a fraction of the software that staff need is classed as a 'complete image'.
Would love to help out, but I havent been shown the process they are using to make their image and set up the machines.

Better yet, with the machines I can look at, none of our account have permission to install new software.  And the only guy who can do it, wont give out his password, or even change our accounts.

Second week started off stress-filled thanks to a number of problems.  Because the guy wouldnt give us access to update machines, he had given his password to one of us.  But to save time, I was told the password in order to log the machines on quicker.  When he finds out, he immediatly decided to change his password, stopping us from doing our job.
After some back and forth arguments about it, he said he would give us access 'temporarily' in order to sort out the problems, but would return them to 'normal' afterwards.
So basically, his thought pattern is that we cant have admin access to do our own jobs, but we can have it to fix his mistakes.

Spoke to manegment about it, but even now nothing has been resolved.  1 of my workmates has had his account given access, but I cant be trusted enough.

The rest of that week, and most of this week calmed down somewhat, until yesterday.  Weve started using a 'service desk', a small desk in the dining hall where people can come to log their problems.  Problem being, that when I was 'asked' to go down there, I was given no IT equipment to log calls, and was basically expected to write down the problems people are having.
They eventually sorted out a laptop, which stopped working after a few hours.  But even then, I couldnt just go out to fix problems, I had to ask permission to go and do my job...

Today is no better, been sat at this desk for most of the morning.  2 people, just 2, have been to see me with problems.  Better yet, one of the people in my team asked me to come look at a problem, saying he'd keep an eye on the desk for me.  A couple of minute into looking at the problem, the guy who was causing problems the last 2 weeks come up and tells me I should be manning the desk, and not leave it unmanaged, seems the guy who said he would watch over it decided to fuck off somewhere else and do his own thing.
Im basically getting yelled at for doing my job and NOT sitting about doing nothing...

Im going to be looking for a new job regardless now.  Dont know if I'll even stick to the IT section, with how much misery it seems to bring me.  Maybe its a chance to look at a new profession...

Tempted to just call in sick tomorrow, ive already taking the afternoon of, but dont know if I can manage even another morning of this right now... At least ive got a good weekend to look forward to.

Diet / Exercise routine - Week 7
1 and 1/4 pounds

Total Lost
1 stone, 3 pounds

Well, a little annoyed with the results from last week.  Monday to friday, I didnt eat anymore then I have over the last month, and even increased my time spent on the bike.  But it seems like its had little effect.

Im a little worried that I might be hitting a wall here or something.

Micro-Reviews - 3DS, Portal 2, Thor

I havent really written down my opinion on things in quite some time.  I figured I'd spend a little of my free-time posting my thoughts on a few things. 
(I will do my best to be as spoiler-free as possible!)

Yep, I caved and bought myself a 3DS.  Its got its ups and downs right now.  But I think its alright.

The 3D effect takes a little getting-used to.  It has specific angle that you need to play it at.  Too close or too far away, tilted too far to the left or the right, and the image quickly become blurred.  The few games I played havent made that much use of the tech yet, outside of giving you the movie-style depth perception, though that it pretty limited.

The games available right now are pretty limited.  And I think that apart from a handful of titles, most of them are overpriced, glorified downloads that have been put in a cartridge.  Steel Diver, PilotWings resort.  Both are tiny games.  And I'm surprised that PilotWings wasnt free with the console. 
Also, the games on the way is pretty limited, there are only a few known titles, and most of them are some time away.  Annoyingly, the biggest titles right now are pretty much ports of older titles with a graphical update (Orcarina of Time, Lylat Wars)

That said, the built-in rograms are pretty fun, especially the augmented-reality system.  Which uses some free cards provided with the 3DS to created some mini-games that actually make use of the 3D tech.  Target-practice, for example, actually has you moving all around the cards in order find and shoot various targets.  Ive actually spent more time using the cards that actually playing games on the 3DS.

The one big downside of the 3DS that I can see right now is the Street Pass feature.  Your meant to put your 3DS into sleep mode, and as you walk around towns/cities, your 3DS will pick up the signals from other handhelds and send data between them.
The idea is that this is how you will meet other peoples Mii's, or recieve data for various games.  Street Fighter and Samurai Warriors, for example, will send out battle information, where a selection of your characters will fight against anyone you pass, so long as they have that game in their 3DS too.

I tried this out as an experiment over the weekend, going round my 2 local shopping centers, but on neither occasion, did I get any data.  Not even game stores had something that you could pick up on your 3DS.  I think its going to take some time, while the handheld picks up steam, for people to make use of this feature.

I think its too early to give a score on the 3DS, but hopefully it will improve over time.

I really enjoyed the first Portal, yeah, it was essentially a freebie in 'The Orange Box', but I could say that it was probably my fave title out of all the games available on the disc.
So, the sequal was pretty much bound to be a pleasure, and it certainly doesnt dissapoint.

I think anyone who enjoyed the 1st will definately get a kick out of this.  It manages to give you a nice blend of old and new, having you replay some old levels, but you see them in a whole new light.  Plus I think it really built on the level of humor that the first game had, mainly thanks to the new character wheatly who you meet at the start of the game.
Plus, its a real challenge, I love the fact that its a game that you (mostly) have to take slowly, working out how to solve the puzzle in each room.  There are way too many games that are too happy to just make you blaze through the story, so it was great to see a change of pace.

What I think really made the game though, was the addition of the 2-player co-op mode.  Its quite amazing the amount of teamwork you need to get through the stages on offer, not just to figure out how to do each stage, but to also get through them, there is alot of timing required if your going to survive.

The only downside is definately the games length.  I'd probably say that with the single-player and co-op modes combined, your probably getting roughly 10 hours of gameplay.  Which in itself isnt too bad, but for a £40 game, you'd definately want to wait for a price-drop.  I think around the £20 range would be the best option.

Personally, I'd give the game a 4/5.  If it wasnt for the high-price, it'd be a 5.

Seeing as Marvel seems to be gearing most of their super-hero movies towards the inevitable 'Avengers' movie, it was nice to see that they didnt intrude too much in this film, unlike Ironman 2...
Yes, there are a few nods to other marvel series, Hulk, Ironman, Hawkeye, get some small mentions, while the S.H.I.E.L.D task-force does make an appearance, though not in such an important role as they did in Ironman 2.

That said, I still had mixed feelings on Thor.  When it was focusing on the action or the story of Asgard, it seemed to go really well, but I think it would occasionally slow down a little much during some of the segments on earth, like they were trying to spend too much time explaining Thors story and his world.

It also felt like some of the 'humor' in the film was being a little forced, as if they were trying too hard to make something funny (Not unlike spiderman 3's emo-phase, which tried so hard to be serious, but ended up being laughable)

Its a little wierd, but while I say some bits dragged on, at the same time, the movie seems to go by quite quickly.  Not long before some of the final scenes, I checked my watch and saw how much time had gone by, but it doesnt feel like it.

Thor certainly stands up quite well by itself, so it will be interesting to see what they do with him and the series.

3/5.  Its good, and has its moments, but its not the greatest out there.

Diet / Exercise routine - Week 5 & 6
1/2 pound

Total Lost
1 stone, 1 and 3/4 pounds

Week 5 was a bit of a slow week.  I'd had the week off from work, but didnt really go out anywhere or do anything differant.
While I kept up with the diet and exercise, I think the general doss around home resulted in a small weight-loss.  Had a fun weekend again, though maybe I did drink a little more then I would have liked too.  Kept a good on on how much I ate though.

3 pounds

Total Lost
12 and 3/4 pounds

Right.  Week 6 was more of a doss-week.  Due to a mix of the 2 long weekends, my parents going away for the week and the small amount of time actually spent working, this turned into more of a break-week then anything.
Though, TBH, considering that I didnt go on my bike at all that week, a pizza on monday, AND my brothers sudden love for cooking pasta with a cheese sauce 3 nights in a row, I think this actually turned out to be a pretty decent week, I may have over-eaten a little, but only 3 pounds on doesnt seem that bad.
Plus, the weekend did kind of go back to normal, as I was a little more careful with what I ate then.

Will hopefully get straight back to normal this week.  See how things go!

Diet/Exercise routine - Week 4

1 and 3/4 pounds

Total Lost
1 stone, 1 and 1/4 pounds


Right, things are still going pretty smooth with the diet right now.  Last week didnt really see any changes to the routine.  I may have eased up a little bit on watching how much I was eating, as I lost less then 2 pounds.  Its that or my body may have been adjusting to the same exercise each day, and isnt burning as much.

Did find something my mom has been using though.  She's got this little pad that you stick on the floor, and you have to do the twist on it.  You only have to do something like 5 minutes on it though, as its really quite tiring, really makes your thighs ache, as I found out yesterday...

So yeah, things are still pretty good right now. and I shall keep you updated.
(And now to rest, as I feel a little feint after getting a tatoo earlier today)


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