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Mass Effect 4 - What I want to see.

First of all, cant belive this has been idle for a year now!  Guess it just got easier to use facebook to rant instead.

Anyway, im posting this here, as it would be far too long for twitter.  Casey Hudson, of Bioware put out a message about seeing what fans would like to see in a new mass effect.  There are quite a few things i'd like to see changed/added in, that I thought i'd revive my account to write them down.

Combat Roles
IMO, I think ME3 got the combat down to a tee, it felt really responsive, and was always great to take part in.  The only issue I had comes down a little more to the character classes.  I'd like to see the roles made a little more open, especially for the likes of a biotic character, i'd prefere to choose between more primary roles (The adept, soldier and engineer) and then give the characters access to a larger amount of abilities based around that character type (Giving biotics much more access to to their abilities, rather then being locked out of some.  (Adepts for example, have a wide range of abilities, but are locked out from some, such as Nova or Pyro Blast)

It would allow for more freedom towards have a more unique character, rather then being limited to just 6-8 fixed abilities.  For Biotics and techs, this would already be easy, I suppose its just finding a nice range of abilities for a pure soldier type.

New Forms of Combat
Something that I enjoyed watching in the ME trilogy was the space battles, seeing some of the epic dog-fights between spaceships was great to watch, but I would love to actually take control of a ship in the middle of space, taking on a raiding ship, or even joining a fleet as it takes on an opposing force, would love to see how you guys  would do this.

I missed being able to explore planets im ME3, it was reduced between ME1 and ME2, but it was still a nice way to discover bonus missions and side-quests.  I want to see more stuff that 'off the beaten track', stuff that isnt part of the story, but offers a rewarding experience for finding and completeing it.

I wouldnt mind going back to ME1 in some ways, such as being able to upgrade your whole parties equipment.  Both 2 and 3 lost this feature, in place of just being able to change Shepards armour, but aside from a few minor boosts, it was pretty much a visual change.  even if it was just something like being able to improve the tech and parts of the armour, rather then outright changing the whole suit, i'd like to be able to adapt their gear.

Thats pretty much all I can think of at the moment, Im not going to try and choose a story for the game, or the setting, but those are some things i'd just enjoy seeing.


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