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Anime/Manga sale

Yeah, so I was going through my collection recently, and Ive started clearing stuff out that I know im not going to bother reading/watching, or series that I started but just stopped. If anyone is interested in anything, just let me know. All prices include p&p
(I know this is close to christmas, but I only just had a cleanout this weekend just gone.)


D.Gray-Man 1-14 - £40 I really got into this series at first, but as it got on (Around 12 or 13) I started to grow disinterested in it.

Dears - £30 This is the complete series, including the fan-book which is full of random stories based off the series.
Personally, I think its very similar to Chobits in a way, only with aliens instead of robots, and more fanservice.

Mahoromatic - £25 Another full series. Mainly a romantic comedy with a healthy dose of Sci-Fi.

Evangelion - £20 I'd started picking this up when I noticed a few little changes to the series next to the anime, but I could never find volumes 5 and 6 and eventually just gave up.

Evangelion - Angelic Days - £20 - An alt-universe version of Evangelion, based of a short clip in the last episode where Shinji, Asuka and Rei all start off as normal high-school kids, giving more of a romance/high-school drama feel.

Vampire Knight - £20 - Another series that I found myself getting dis-interested in. It's a good series, sure, but its a bit slow for me.

Claymore - £15 - I started picking this up, but then I got the anime series to review, so I didnt bother carrying on with the manga. (Volumes 3&4 on hold)

Nana - £15 - Another series that I started on, but didnt get into. Good if you like a romantic drama.

Azumanga Daioh - £16 - I bought the complete series in a single book, so I'm selling the individual volumes. Great read for a laugh.
Note that these are slightly bigger then the standard manga books (Same size as the black lagoon manga if you read that)

Higurashi - £10 - Sort of a horror/slasher/thriller type manga. There are other books, but these 2 seem to stand alone in their own arc.

Right, these are generally manga where I picked up a single volume and dint find it too engrossing. These are all going for £5 each.

.Hack//A.I Buster -
Note that this is a NOVEL, not a manga. I think its set before the original series, and thats about all I know.
.Hack//XXXX - This was a spare copy. Basically a manga re-tell of the original game.
.Hack//G.U - Another spare copy. This is another manga re-telling, bases around the second game series.
Black God - Couldnt really make sense of this manga, something to do with people having copys of themselves in the world... (I dont know)
Kannazuki No Miko - Yuri romance with a subtle addition of mechs.
Maison Ikkoku - Romantic comedy by the creator of Ranma and Inuyasha. Pages may look a little faded.
Negima?! Neo - An alternate version of the Negima manga, which seems to focus more on the comedy-fanservice side of things.
Zombie Powder - By the creator of bleach. Action series which has a bit of a western feel to it (IMO anyway)

These are pretty much in the same boat as the last set, but these are all the slightly bigger book size. These are £5 each as well.

Oh My Goddess - Ninja Master -
Part of the OMG series, but works as something of a stand-alone book when an 'evil' ninja is summons to wreak havock on the lives of Keichii and the Goddesses.
Oh My Goddess - Childhoods End - Another stand-alone book in the series. This one focuses on Skuld as she learns to come to grips with her feelings, as well as become a little more mature.
Warriors Orochi - This manga has been done in the 4-panal style, making jokes about the characters and scenes from the Warriors Orochi game. Note that this book is entirely in Japanese.
Suzanari - I dont have volume 1, this was only picked up as part of a 3 for 2 deal. Another 4-panal style comedy manga with a slight hint of yuri.
Sunshine Sketch - Another 4-panal style manga. This one is a high-school comedy which feels like a more light-hearted, tame Azumanga Daioh.


Death Note - £15 - 2 discs in each volume so I think theres about 24 episodes there. Spectular series which really needs you to pay attention to it. I already have the whole manga series, so I dont need the anime.

Tenchi Muyo - £20 - These are 2 half-series that make one complete series. Probably among the first of the sci-fi rom-coms.
I can sell each half-series for £10 if anyone is interested in the 2nd half and doesnt have it.

Tenchi Muyo Movies - £10 / £4 each - All original stories based around the series.
Tenchi Muyo in Love - Tenchi and the others go back in time to save his parents in order to preserve their own future.
Daughter of Darkness - Tenchi suddenly finds himself with a teenage daughter, but all is not what it seems.
Tenchi Forever - Tenchi is lost in another dimension, living another life, and its up to Ryoko and Ayeka to save him.

An asortment of series here. Unless stated, these are £10 each.

Gravion - Complete 3-disc series. Mech series with added fanservice.
Tokko - Complete box-set. An older series, following a group of people trying to slay monsters in japan.
Witchblade - Volumes 1-3 box-set. Rather fan-service heavy action series, with a side of drama.
Dirty Pair Flash - £5 - Note this is a region 1 DVD. This is a real old-school anime series. Girls, Guns and explosions.

Another assortment of series. These are all complete series, but they are also all region free, and should play on most DVD players.
Again, all are £10 each, unless stated.

Cowbow Bebop - Pretty much a classic series now. A space western with some great fights throughout it. (On Hold)
Tenchi Universe - Alt.Reality version of the Tenchi series, which tells the story in a completely differant way (Differant plot and all that)
Tenchi in Tokyo - Another Alt.Reality or possibly a sequal to Universe, set as tecnhi goes to college and falls in love with a human girl.
Slayers Collection - £25 - This is the first 3 series of slayers in a single box-set. Great old anime series thats worth watching, especially for fantasy fans.

I will say, prices arent fixed, but dont expect me to lower them too much, as Ive already tried to put it at a price that should be good value.
I will generally go through paypal, my account address is

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dude id bereally interested in the cowboy bebop series, but i dont get payed till jan 1st, think you could hold it?

if someone wants it before then its ok to sell it bud

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